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Cleveland Utilities Selects Elster for Smart Grid Project

Cleveland Utilities has chosen Elster’s EnergyAxis Smart Grid solution to more efficiently and cost-effectively deliver electric services to its customer base. Cleveland Utilities is an electric, water and wastewater utility located in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Selected from a group of four finalists, the Elster EnergyAxis solution will form a network of 29,000 electric meters at residential and commercial and industrial locations. These smart meters will be deployed over the next three years, arming both Cleveland Utilities and its customers with the smart grid services required to more efficiently manage the delivery and consumption of electric power resources.

Elster REX2 and A3 Alpha electricity meters will provide Cleveland Utilities with an automated metering infrastructure that will collect the metering data required to reduce system demands and increase energy efficiency. The smart meters can be linked with controllable appliances and programmable thermostats to measure power usage for time-of-day pricing and help reduce energy consumption during peak demand. In addition, enhanced load control and personal energy monitoring capabilities will provide consumers insight into their power consumption and ways to curb usage.

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