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City of Wadsworth Enacting New Smart Metering Initiative

Itron Inc. has been selected by the City of Wadsworth for a newly funded smart metering initiative. Leveraging recently acquired stimulus funds, Wadsworth will partner with Itron to implement an integrated system to provide greater operational efficiency and reliably deliver service, while reducing future environmental impacts.

The smart metering initiative includes enhanced security for the communications infrastructure needed for two-way communications between the meters and utility back-office systems. The initiative will help automate distribution and substation operations and prepare the grid for the eventual charging of electric vehicles. The Itron solution for the Ohio-based utility includes both OpenWay smart electricity meters.

OpenWay is Itron’s smart grid solution, featuring secure two-way communications. It provides interval data collection, time-of-use metering, robust outage detection, load-limiting remote disconnect and reconnect capabilities, and ZigBee home-area network connectivity. A key capability is providing the usage data that empowers customers to participate in energy management and conservation efforts via in-home displays or web presentment of usage information.

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