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City of Vero Beach Begins ArcFM Implementation

The City of Vero Beach, located in Florida with 28,000 electric customers, has begun its first phase of their ArcFM implementation. Vero Beach selected the ArcFM Solution as its enterprise GIS solution for modeling and management of its electric facilities.

With nine substations, 14,000 poles, 7,000 transformers, 2,300 miles of overhead conductors, and 2,900 miles of underground conductors, Vero Beach Electric Department realized it also needed a more comprehensive data collection and validation plan to help build the GIS asset foundation. In August 2008, Telvent subcontracted with Osmose Utility Services, Inc. to provide field data collection services. Telvent will provide overall project management oversight as well as geodatabase development, data modeling, software installation and configuration, and data QA/QC efforts for the city.

The City of Vero Beach will benefit from ArcFM functionality such as managing workflows, support for attribute editing, autoupdaters, and stored displays. Ultimately, the city plans to leverage this initial investment in the GIS to support electric distribution design, engineering analysis, and outage restoration efforts. An important and strategic outcome of the ArcFM implementation at the city is the complete and up-to-date accounting of its electric distribution network and supporting infrastructure including joint use and street light information. The project completion is targeted for spring of 2009.

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