City of Santa Clara's Municipal Electric Utility Standardizes its Enterprise Data Infrastructure

Silicon Valley Power, the city of Santa Clara’s municipal electric utility, has announced that it would be taking OSIsoft’s PI System, its enterprise data infrastructure, to the next level by signing an enterprise agreement (EA) and incorporating it into its smart grid initiatives.

With this new agreement, the PI System will be supporting distribution automation and integration of meter data. OSIsoft’s data management infrastructure will bring value to the distribution operations, engineering and planning business units by collecting metering data and subsequently integrating and correlating this data with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and operational data.

Silicon Valley Power has been an OSIsoft customer since 2004. The PI System was first deployed in the operations department to enable data accessibility and visibility across the enterprise. The PI System’s ease-of-use, real-time monitoring capabilities, and extensive analytics and visualization toolset was one of many factors in SVP’s decision.

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