City of Naperville, Illinois, to Deploy Grid Optimization Platform

DVI has been selected by the City of Naperville, Illinois, U.S. to provide advanced applications through adoption of the EDGE software suite. EDGE will be used in conjunction with the existing Elster's EnergyAxis AMI deployment to provide Naperville with advanced Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), Planning, and Measurement and Verification (M&V) capabilities.

EDGE is a modular and adaptive conservation voltage management solution that enables utilities to deploy incremental grid-side energy management without requiring behavioral changes or purchases by end-use consumers. EDGE provides significant and sustainable energy savings of as much as 4 percent through integrated planning, execution and validation of grid-side energy efficiency management.

The implementation of the EDGE product at Naperville will begin in the third quarter of 2013 and is expected to be complete in 2014.

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