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City of Leesburg, Florida, In Production With ArcFM

The electric utility at the city of Leesburg, Florida, has gone live this month with its ArcFM implementation, completing the final step in a city-wide effort to streamline facility data management among all utility divisions including electric, gas, water, wastewater, reuse, stormwater, and telco utilities. Established in 1926, the city of Leesburg’s electric division serves approximately 21,000 customers in a 50-square-mile area in Lake County, Florida.

Following the other utility divisions, which completed their implementations earlier this year, the electric utility has begun using ArcFM for facilities management, network tracing, and map production. ESRI was the prime contractor, providing overall project management and data conversion services.

The city of Leesburg had used a set of disparate systems for data management prior to implementing ArcFM and recognized the benefits of a single solution provider to meet the needs of its multiple utilities. Moving to ESRI/Miner & Miner technology gives the city access to a modern enterprise GIS solution and has allowed it to integrate 13 data sets into one system. ArcFM’s extensible nature will also grant the city flexibility in meeting its customers’ needs as the community grows. In the near future, the city will begin implementing Designer for GIS-based graphic design.

“ArcFM’s core technology allows us much greater functionality than our previous systems and provides us the benefit of accessing and editing data in a seamless environment,”said Tammy Magamoll, electric analyst for the city of Leesburg.

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