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City of Anaheim Deploys Outage Management System in Support of Smart Grid Strategy

The city of Anaheim Public Utilities has completed the production deployment of the Advanced Control Systems' PRISM Real-Time outage management system to increase reliability and deliver improved electric service to its citizens.

ACS developed PRISM Real-Time OMS as a tightly integrated component of its comprehensive suite of smart grid solutions for electric power utilities. Anaheim operates its OMS from the same real-time database that supports its ACS SCADA, substation, and feeder automation systems---resulting in lower data and system maintenance costs compared to traditional multi-vendor solutions. With its OMS, Anaheim has achieved faster outage prediction and restoration, streamlined switching operations, enhanced system visualization and improved safety for field crews and citizens.

ACS has demonstrated that its integrated PRISM smart grid platform for OMS, DMS and automation can sustain over 750 system events per second during storms, heat waves, and other events that stress electrical distribution systems.

Anaheim serves approximately 110,000 customers throughout a 50-square mile area, with a peak system demand of more than 580 MW. It operates ten 69 kV/12 kV distribution substations (with 17 69-kV transmission lines) and 105 12-V distribution substations. A 50 MW combustion turbine generator is deployed for peak conditions.

In addition to OMS, Anaheim has deployed ACS solutions for SCADA, substation and feeder automation, interactive voice response for crew call out, and enterprise business intelligence, including real-time tracking and reporting of IEEE 1366 reliability indices.

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