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Chrysalis Software Launches Utility Outage Management IVR Application

Chrysalis Software has announced the first in a series of packaged IVR applications aimed at reducing implementation lead time and overall costs for customers. The first packaged application for the utility industry will deliver a measurable and time-bounded ROI by automating high-volume common tasks, and maximizing time spent on value-added customer contact. The Chrysalis Utility Outage Management IVR application is for both inbound outage reporting and outbound restoration notification.

Features include:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology expedites utility call center interaction for critical outages.
  • Improves channels of communications between utility and customers.
  • Automates common requests for information.
  • Provides an easy-to-use speech recognition interface for customer interactions.
  • Frees up customer service staff for critical expertise driven tasks.
  • Delivers consistent level of quality, at any time of day.
  • Generates automated callback notifications.
  • Increases budget leverage with quick ROI

For customers, responsiveness and accurate information about service outages can set a utility apart from its competitors. An immediate response with minimal waiting time to report an outage is critical. A top source of customer complaints can be attributed to lengthy wait times, while customer resource personnel are occupied with other callers.

Automation of common requests provides a key mechanism for cost containment. Given the high percentage of incoming requests for simple information such as service status, customer service personnel can be freed up to directly answer less common value added requests. Automation also enables predictability and quality of service. Providing consistent customer service quality around the clock with IVR means that service will be the same at midnight as it is at noon. The option for customers to elect a callback notification provides an additional benefit of automation - it eliminates the need for additional time by call center personnel, and provides customers with a proactive communication channel.

Increasing budget leverage is the ultimate goal of technology. The Chrysalis Outage Management IVR application provides a quick ROI by automating high-volume common tasks, and maximizing time spent on value-added customer contact.

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