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China's State Grid Corp. Integrating Intelligence Control System

Barco is supplying 32 OverView video wall systems to China's electric power distribution company State Grid Corporation. SGCC was looking to implement an integrated intelligence control system and chose Barco's 80-inch OverView display system, complemented with TransForm A processors and Apollo wall management software. To meet its rising expectations for flexibility and performance in intelligence control, SGCC needed a modern visualization system that could simplify and improve the quality of the decision-making process. The company therefore set up a new control center that is connected to local control centers in the different states, thereby ensuring efficient collaboration and an overview of the situation.

The system's visual interface, provided by Barco's 80-inch OverView video walls, features high-resolution image quality and is compatible with advanced video monitoring and data processing applications. These capabilities satisfy SGCC's requirements for automation, visualization and intelligence.

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