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CGC and BPL Global Win Kahramaa Project in Qatar

Consolidated Gulf Co. and its partner BPL Global have been awarded a major contract by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corp. (KAHRAMAA) for the supply, installation and commissioning of BPLG's Serveron On-line Transformer Monitoring System. The transformer monitors help avoid transformer failures, lower maintenance costs and defer capital expenditures by extending transformer life. The project includes the supply of Serveron On-Line Transformer Monitors, which will be installed in substations in Qatar.

This project is part of the new phase of Kahramaa's "Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion" plan to continue the reinforcement of the main transmission networks and to secure the power supply to industrial and domestic sectors in Qatar. Kahramaa will replace its manual oil sampling process that was manpower intensive yet ineffective due to its limited accuracy and frequency. The Serveron technology's continuous sampling and superior accuracy significantly reduce the likelihood of unplanned failures and increase system reliability.

The transformer monitors measure the levels of volatile dissolved gases in the insulating oil of large transformers and other oil-filled equipment. By detecting trace levels of these gases, the monitors assist utilities in achieving the highest levels of safe power transformer operation. Utilities benefit by receiving more timely information on conditions that could lead to catastrophic failure.

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