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Central Hudson Gas & Electric Deploys Oracle Mobile Workforce Management

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp., a New York-based utility, has upgraded its Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management application to take advantage of new functionality that allows users to improve workforce productivity, plan maintenance more effectively and enhance customer service. This new version uses Oracle Utilities' new real-time scheduling engine.

The utility needed to handle both emergencies and routine service calls in real-time, while also efficiently and effectively managing remote scheduling. The latest version of Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management provides real-time scheduling capabilities needed to manage intra-day schedule changes due to emergency work requests and other work-order changes. Central Hudson Gas & Electric can now automatically coordinate changes to field crew schedules and readjust other pending work in real-time -- as opposed to manually rescheduling the various tasks -- ultimately helping to save time and reduce human error.

With a comprehensive, real-time view of all pending tasks, the Oracle system is able to calculate routes that group service calls most efficiently for technicians working in a particular geographic area. This functionality helps Central Hudson Gas & Electric reduce overall workforce travel time and minimize costs as well as vehicle wear and tear.

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