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Central European Utility Selects PCN Technology for Smart Grid Pilot

PGE (Polska Grupa Energetyczna), the largest utility in Poland, has chosen PCN Technology Inc. for its Smart Grid pilot launch in Warsaw. The only U.S. company selected, PCN will play a critical role in transforming the utility’s system into a totally integrated infrastructure with smart meters and underlying data and energy networks to deliver energy efficiencies and other Smart Grid service benefits to PGE customers.

Key to the performance of the PCN's medium-bandwidth power line communication system is its novel ability to incorporate legacy proprietary architectures with new, secure open standard solutions. This results in an integrated, IP enabled communications and energy management infrastructure.

The PCN/PGE pilot project upon completion includes a planned first roll out of approximately 800,000 smart meters for customers around Warsaw. Nearly 5 million customers in Poland call PGE their energy company.

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