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Central American Utility Orders Transformer Monitoring Units

A Central American utility recently placed an order for 150 GridSense TransformerIQ monitoring units and requisite ancillary support hardware. The utility previously ordered TransformerIQ units and tested their capability.  This new order valued at more than $250,000 encompasses a variety of communications options that will be tested as part of the second stage of preparation for a potentially larger project.

"This project highlights the growing need in Latin and South America for power companies to better manage theft on the network. The Transformer IQ allows distribution companies the opportunity to monitor and identify areas on the network that see the largest number of losses and verify meter readings," stated Francis Fisher, sales director GridSense.

Fisher continued, "The customer has told me that transformer monitoring is the key to their smart grid strategy. They believe that they will have monitoring on all of their transformers in the future once they have determined a communication path. They have a total of 50,000 transformers and monitoring will allow them to better understand losses, both technical and non-technical (theft)."

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