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Cellnet, Puget Sound Energy Enter Agreement for Final Phase of AMR Rollout

Cellnet Technology, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Puget Sound Energy in Washington state to complete the final phase of its AMR rollout.

Puget Sound Energy was one of the earliest utilities in the country to begin deploying AMR services to its 1.7 million customers. Upon completion of this final phase in 2006, nearly all Puget Sound Energy customers will be managed under the Cellnet program.

Puget Sound Energy Senior Vice President of Customer Service and CIO Darren Brady remarked, "Cellnet has partnered closely with us to ensure that we have a viable plan for the expansion of our fixed network as well as the automation of our remaining areas. We are excited about the potential for Cellnet two-way technology to help us deliver additional value-added services to our customers."

Since 1998, Puget Sound Energy has used the real-time energy data and applications provided by Cellnet to improve network efficiency, pilot time of use rates, decrease the duration of outages, and provide customers with advanced energy management services.

Cellnet president and CEO Mike Zito remarked, "Leveraging the Cellnet system, Puget Sound Energy has led the market in piloting time of use rates and in providing customers the real-time information and resources they need to make intelligent choices in managing energy consumption."

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