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CalAmp's WiMetr Platform Certified for Use on Verizon Wireless Network

CalAmp Corp.'s WiMetry next-generation networking platform for wireless meter reading and smart grid communications has been certified to run on the Verizon Wireless network.

CalAmp's WiMetry platform is an Internet Protocol-based, bidirectional wireless data concentrator designed for applications in the utility sector. WiMetry enables smart grid functions such as demand response, peak demand reduction and other advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) applications via wireless networks. WiMetry uses the industry-standard TCP/IP communication protocol, and is compatible with common meter reading software applications.

The WiMetry platform supports the latest in wireless 3G high-speed data communications and is backward-compatible with existing EV-DO wireless networks. WiMetry takes advantage of ongoing investments made by network operators to build-out, improve and maintain ubiquitous, reliable wireless networks using the latest standards, thereby enabling utility companies to focus on their core business rather than having to establish and maintain their own proprietary wireless networks.

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