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CA Solutions Manage Identity Lifecycle, Secure Data and Manage Security Information

CA, Inc. has announced three security products to help strengthen information security and drive faster time-to-value in an identity management deployment, while helping to reduce the risk of security breaches and confirm compliance. The products include CA Enterprise Log Manager, a new product developed by CA for managing security information; CA Role & Compliance Manager, a new release of an acquired Eurekify product to help manage the identity lifecycle; and CA DLP, a data loss prevention solution that identifies sensitive data and information throughout the enterprise and helps protect it from loss and misuse. Today's news builds on CA's strategy to offer Security Management solutions that are integrated with one of the most comprehensive IT management portfolios in the industry, allowing for richer functionality, faster time-to-value and lower cost of ownership.

CA's Security Management business offers comprehensive and integrated solutions for managing identity lifecycles within an organization, securing data and resources, managing security information and securing Web-based business applications and services. Over the past six months CA has announced new products or upgrades that support those four security needs.

CA Enterprise Log Manager, available today, is a new product developed to collect, manage and archive security information, specifically the log data from various IT systems and security devices including firewalls, operating systems, applications, and more. Its capabilities, features and its delivery method streamline Security Information Management (SIM) to provide rapid value to customers while delivering aggregated reports that help verify compliance and support security investigations.

Some of the features and functionality that customers and partners have highlighted in CA Enterprise Log Manager include:

  • Preconfigured reports mapped to common regulatory controls such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX and others help speed the reporting that helps confirm compliance.
  • Interactive and visual log analysis tools help customers meet the demand that logs are reviewed and analyzed daily for compliance needs. -- A high performance architecture that supports both agent-based and agent-less log collection and allows customers to collect and process a higher rate of events over a sustained period. With its federated architecture, customers can deploy multiple CA Enterprise Log Manager servers and enhance performance.
  • A soft appliance delivery model allows customers to install CA Enterprise Log Manager as a soft appliance by selecting the recommended hardware configurations that best meets their performance and budget requirements. CA Enterprise Log Manager can be installed, configured and collecting logs in hours, not days. CA Enterprise Log Manager's central administration helps simplify log management tasks by enabling administrators to manage, automatically update and configure logging end points from a central management console.

After completing the Eurekify acquisition in November 2008, CA continued development of the Eurekify products. CA this quarter plans to ship a new release of a Eurekify product under the name CA Role & Compliance Manager. CA Role & Compliance Manager will provide greater capabilities to correlate user accounts across disparate IT systems to a single identity. In addition, it will help improve the ability for customers to address compliance concerns caused by orphan accounts and invalid entitlements, while offering increased flexibility for integration with external systems.

CA DLP is part of CA's focus to help customers secure data, control access to IT resources, and facilitate compliance with various information security regulations. CA obtained this DLP technology in the Orchestria transaction in January 2009. Available today, CA DLP offers several effective approaches to better secure information across an organization.

  • With DLP technology in its Security Management portfolio, CA expands the coverage of its identity and access management capabilities. CA DLP leverages identity attributes such as job title, department and location from systems like Active Directory to more accurately detect data policy breaches.
  • CA DLP offers self-remediation to improve operational efficiency. As a security violation is detected, end users can be prompted for input while being presented with explanations of relevant data use policies.
  • CA DLP leverages existing technology investments and integrates with leading encryption and log management solutions to enable an information-centric approach to encryption while providing a more complete view of data and resource activity across the organization.

Rounding out the fourth area of CA's Security Management business is Web-business security. CA announced CA Federation Manager and CA SOA Security Manager during its CA World user conference in November 2008.

CA customers often work with global system integrators, solution providers or directly with CA Services on their enterprise security management integrations. CA Services offers Rapid Implementation and Solution Implementation service offerings to support CA Security Management products. Rapid Implementations help get customers up and running quickly, with defined and measurable results delivered in as little as 30 to 60 days. Solution Implementations are scalable and flexible to address customers' unique environments. All offerings help lower risk and accelerate time-to-value in security deployments based on CA Services' proven deployment methodologies and best practices.

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