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Brazilian Electric Company CPFL Paulista Goes Live With SPL Outage Management System

CPFL Paulista, a subsidiary of CPFL Energia, Brazil's largest electric company, has gone live with SPL's Outage Management System (SPL OMS) as part of its solution for energy delivery resource planning.

CPFL Paulista serves 3.3 million consumers. SPL is a provider of strategic utility management software solutions for the global utility market.

"We chose SPL OMS to improve the integration of OMS with other crucial operational and customer service systems and to have the option to upgrade our outage management capability as our network expands," said CPFL Project Manager Walther Anconi. "We have been installing SPL OMS on a phased basis and we have already seen improvements in outage response times because of the precise information the software provides. This has enhanced our efficiency and improved customer service."

Anconi added, "Our challenge for 2007 is to roll out and upgrade the solution for use by another subsidiary of CPFL Energia, CPFL Piratininga, providing support for an additional 1.3 million consumer units."

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