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BPL Global Participates in EDF Smart Grid Project

BPL Global, Ltd. has joined forces with Delta Dore, Edelia, Saft, Schneider Electric, Tenesol and Electricite de France through its French subsidiary BPL GLOBAL EMEA to deploy a smart grid project on the islands of Corsica, Guadeloupe and La Reunion. The 30.2 million euro project, named Millener, is one of the first in Europe to integrate management of a thousand diverse distributed energy resources at the edge of the distribution grid.

Various combinations of distributed resources will be deployed at participating consumer premises including solar generation, battery storage and energy load controllers. Private electric consumers enrolled in the program will also be provided with visualization of their energy consumption, allowing them to monitor their electricity use in real time.

EDF will manage all these distributed energy resources with BPLG's Power SG platform as a centralized control system deployed in each region to optimize operational, financial and environmental performance of the electrical network.

"Deployment and integrated management of solar generation, battery storage and customer load are a vital part of our smart grid strategy," said Jean-Michel Deveza, Director of the Smart Grids programme, EDF's Insular Power Systems Division. "This project is designed to better integrate distributed renewable energy, improve the stability of power systems and identify sustainable economic models."

For the EDF project, BPLG's Power SG enterprise class software platform and Power SG iDER solution will be the centralized control system. It will integrate management of grid and customer energy assets including customer load, energy storage and renewables. In addition, BPLG will deploy our direct load controllers for energy efficient management of residential air conditioning and heating loads.

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