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BPL Global Acquires Plan B Solutions

BPL Global has acquired Plan B Solutions, a provider of substation automation technology to electric utilities. The transaction closed on April 3, 2008. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Substation automation is a smart grid application on the supply side of the utility infrastructure. This acquisition will allow BPL Global to increase the depth and breadth of its smart grid solutions. BPL Global recently acquired Serveron to gain access to critical transformer asset data in the substation. Plan B Solutions provides substation automation systems that connect hundreds of points in the substation, including Serveron monitors, back to the utility operations center and engineering groups. Substation automation improves electric service reliability while reducing operations and maintenance costs. BPL Global focuses on the customer premise back to the substation and utility operations center, while Serveron is focused on the substation from large distribution substations back to generation.

"Plan B Solutions provides a system bridge between the BPL Global and Serveron application areas. This is a strategic acquisition for BPL Global because the combination of all three technologies from each company has the potential to provide smart grid solutions across the utility enterprise from customer premises to generation," said Keith Schaefer, CEO of BPL Global.

Plan B Solutions' engineers are the substation automation technology experts for the largest substation automation contract in North America with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). Plan B Solutions' engineers were chosen for this contract because of their 15 plus years experience in the substation automation market. This deep knowledge base and experience enabled the Plan B Solutions engineering group to truly understand the specific requirements of the customer; understanding complex protective schemes and, at the same time, utility-specific SCADA requirements, effectively disseminating data to the right departments -- for the right applications.

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