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BC Hydro Selects SmartSignal Advanced Asset Analytic Application

SmartSignal Corporation has been selected by British Columbia utility, BC Hydro, to install and deploy its SmartSignal Advanced Asset Analytic application.

In fiscal 2007, BC Hydro initiated an effort to identify investments that will provide further innovation and improve organizational performance through the use of advanced technology. The selecting of SmartSignal to help it predict equipment failure is a part of this initiative.

BC Hydro has a proud history of innovation. Victoria Gas Company, founded in 1860, began the BC Hydro legacy. From there, the Victoria Electric Illuminating Company was incorporated, and it brought the first electric lights to Canada. BC Electric emerged in 1898, with the first hydroelectric plant on Canada’s coast. By the 1960’s, its descendant, BC Hydro, was taking on some of the most ambitious hydroelectric construction projects in the world. Today, BC Hydro has grown to a total installed capacity of 11,300 megawatts.

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