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Barco Provides Display System for Jiangsu Smart Grid Construction

To fulfill Chinese regulations in the electricity sector, Jiangsu Electric Power Dispatching and Control Center, the first provincial center to combine both dispatching functions and a monitoring system for 500 KV electricity substations, has been established. The center has installed the latest Barco LED-lit DLP rear projection splicing system. With their high definition, stable display capability, color saturation and consistency, Barco's products meet the high demands for automation and visualization of electricity network dispatching. The solution was provided to Jiangsu Electric Power by Suyuan High Tech Company, a Barco business partner and system integrator for the electric power industry in China. Following a year of comprehensive research, Jiangsu Electric Power was convinced that Barco provides the best visualization solution for such a demanding application.

The control center's Barco system consists of 39 80” OVL-815 LED-lit projection modules, arranged in a 13-column 3-layer structure. With Barco's advanced liquid-cooling technology, the system's longevity is further extended and its brightness can be increased by 20%, making it the brightest LED-lit projection module in the world. In addition, the unique Sense6 technology ensures color and brightness uniformity in the corners of each projection module. With their high color saturation and digital control ability, the LED-lit products present image and color vividly.

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