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Barbados Light & Power Chooses SPL Customer Care & Billing Solution

Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd. (BL&P) has selected the SPL Customer Care & Billing (SPL CC&B) solution to serve its more than 100,000 residential and commercial customers.

In addition to the basic CC&B system, BL&P chose to add SPL's Case Management, Enterprise Business Intelligence and Archiving modules.

"We have a customer information system that we built in-house over 15 years ago that has served us well over the years and continues to meet most of our needs. However, as technology advances and the needs of our customers continue to grow, we think the time is right to make a change," said Hal Hunte, BL&P customer services manager. "When we decided to purchase a system rather than try to upgrade our present one, we wanted a product that was very configurable to our needs."

"We used a number of criteria: functionality, pricing, and background of the company in our selection process," Hunte continued. "Functionality carried the greatest weight for us. We wanted a product that was very functional and very configurable, and we think that is what SPL CC&B offers us."

Hunte also said that the opportunities for integration built into the SPL platform mean that it will be easy for BL&P to add SPL's outage management system if a decision is made to go in that direction. "That was very attractive to us," Hunte said.

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