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Baltimore Gas & Electric to Replace Conventional Voltage Regulator Technology

Baltimore Gas & Electric, a Constellation Energy Company, has chosen Cannon Technologies' Yukon Centralized Capacitor Control software and CBC7000 capacitor bank controller to regulate distribution line voltages. The Cannon Technologies system employed at Baltimore Gas & Electric offers distribution automation by using real-time VAR control to eliminate the need for costly voltage regulators or load tap changers.

Baltimore Gas & Electric's substation design uses an advanced voltage control algorithm in Cannon Technologies' Yukon software to determine where and when to apply capacitors to maintain stable system voltages. The design includes Cannon Technologies' communicating capacitor controllers enhanced with failsafe features such as site voltage override for voltage protection and backup modes in the event communications become temporarily unavailable.

In addition to improved voltage regulation, the automation of the substation and distribution capacitors will also reduce system operation and maintenance costs while offering contingency operation modes to improve system reliability.

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