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Automatic Restoration Integrated with Distribution Management

S&C Electric Co. and Alstom Grid have announced an integrated solution combining S&C's IntelliTeam SG Automatic Restoration System and Alstom Grid's e-terradistribution Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS). This new solution is the outcome of joint research and development to support smart distribution through layered intelligence.

The integrated solution combines rapid, real-time response to system conditions using S&C's distributed intelligence technology with regional area control from Alstom's enterprise-level applications. It enables control room operators to access complete field data from S&C's IntelliTeam SG through Alstom's IDMS. The integrated approach also offers a single user interface for enhanced situational awareness to support the growing influx of data as smart grid deployments continue to expand.

"Smart grid technologies can capture a wealth of data from the grid, but utilities face a challenge in making access to this data practical. By streamlining data access and providing real-time control actions, this integrated solution gives control room operators enhanced situational awareness and empowers them to take the appropriate actions to improve grid reliability and efficiency," said Karim El Naggar, Vice President, Network Management Solutions, Alstom Grid.

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