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Autodesk Unveils New Service Offering to Support Rural Utility Services

Autodesk has announced a service offering for its Autodesk Utility Design software solution to support Rural Utility Services standards from the Rural Electric Association. AUD is Autodesk’s utility software solution that helps utilities more quickly and accurately design, engineer, estimate costs and order materials for distribution networks.

By supporting RUS standards with its service offering, Autodesk helps small and mid-tier rural electric distribution cooperatives to more easily and cost effectively be able to implement AUD with increased distribution design efficiency. Coops will now have the ability to use some of the same design capabilities offered with AUD that utilities such as Anchorage Municipal Light and Power and others use today.

With the new services offering for AUD, coops can more easily use AUD for:

  • Overhead and Underground Configuration
  • Overhead and Underground Engineering
  • Automatic Material Ordering for both Underground and Overhead
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