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Autodesk Joins with Oracle to Provide Integrated Geospatial Solutions

Autodesk, Inc. has announced its elevated relationship with Oracle to provide customers with solutions for the creation and sharing of geospatial data within workgroups and across entire organizations. As a Certified Partner with the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Autodesk and Oracle will collaborate on software bundles, technology integration, sales, training and customer support.

As a result of this strategic relationship between the two industry leaders, Autodesk is now offering two new bundles for U.S. government organizations that feature Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition with Oracle Spatial 10g.

  • The Autodesk Map 3D with Oracle Database 10g bundle, for creating maps and associated data with Autodesk Map 3D software and storing them in a relational database.
  • The Autodesk Web Mapping with Oracle Database 10g bundle, which features Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise software for sharing maps and data stored in an Oracle database over the web.

Autodesk creates open solutions that enable interoperability and streamlined sharing between different technologies to create and store CAD, asset, GIS and other enterprise data. As a result, users can integrate design and geospatial information and functionality with other systems such as asset management, customer information and enterprise resource planning systems.

"It makes good business sense to integrate GIS and engineering functions, since our engineers and designers rely on the same fundamental data to manage our city's assets, " said J. R. Smith, the city of Tacoma's senior GIS analyst for the Public Works Department. "Our Oracle database offers instant access to the up-to-date information they need. The seamless integration of Autodesk geospatial software to our Oracle data allows us to share this valuable information with the public over the Internet, greatly improving our customer service."

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