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Austrian Utility to Deploy Advanced Metering and Energy Management

Echelon Corporation's Networked Energy Services (NES) System has been selected by LINZ STROM, Austria, to network 75,000 of its customers using advanced meters. The project includes an option for an additional 75,000 of the remaining 175,000 meters. NES Value-Added Reseller Ubitronix (also of Austria), will serve as the prime contractor under the terms of the recently concluded public tender offer. The project is the first large-scale NES win in Austria and demonstrates the power of the NES system and Echelon networking infrastructure products to provide comprehensive energy management systems to utilities and municipalities.

In addition to installation of the NES System, LINZ STROM, Austria will also install a LonWorks-based managed streetlight system in a segment of its territory as well as provide direct control of in-home appliances such as hot water heaters or furnaces. Echelon expects shipments to begin in the third quarter of 2007 and total revenue, without options, of approximately $7.5 million over the course of the initial three-year project.

The LINZ STROM project includes in-home command and control via the NES meter’s EN 13757 (M-Bus) communications connection to existing gas or water meters. A Ubitronix developed load management module with integrated M-Bus controller and corresponding enterprise applications specifically for use with the NES system manages up to four separate circuits — creating a cost-effective, two-way demand response and load management system for high-consumption in-home devices. The same Ubitronix controllers provide switching for street lights. Light level information is provided to LINZ STROM control centers over a broadband power line wide-area network or other IP connection using Echelon’s i.LON 100 servers and light sensors based on Echelon’s power line communications technology. Switching of the street lights is controlled over the NES infrastructure and Ubitronix controllers. The system provides LINZ STROM with the opportunity to substantially reduce streetlight related operating and maintenance costs. For example, the city of Oslo uses a similar system that has resulted in energy savings of nearly 50% and maintenance cost reductions of nearly 30%.

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