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Austrian Power Provider Implementing Meter Data Management System

Siemens Energy is supplying the Austrian power provider Salzburg AG with its Energy IP meter data management system for the "Smart Grid Model Region" pilot project. This project has been launched to test intelligent electricity meters under real-life conditions. The meter data management system will serve as a data hub for other IT systems to enable the meter data to be efficiently used for the utility's business processes.

As a "data hub," the meter data management system links the Siemens automated metering and information system AMIS to Salzburg AG's accounting and billing system SAP IS-U. The company is already operating AMIS as a pilot installation. Introducing the meter data management system now endows the utility with a comprehensive smart metering solution, laying the basis for integration into further IT systems going forward. Smart metering features end-to-end functionality – it can be used in a range of applications, from metering to billing, from operations management to grid scheduling.

Robert Pumsenberger, Division Manager for customer services and information technology at Salzburg AG: "Salzburg AG sees Siemens' wide-ranging smart metering solution as a sustainable basis for future smart grid applications. The special features of the comprehensive solution include implementation of a meter data management system as a central data hub, tie-in to the AMIS distribution network automation system, and integration into our SAP and CRM systems."

Siemens also delivers an operations management system that makes it possible to monitor all the components involved in the process, such as telecontrol devices, transmission systems and servers, and so facilitates intelligent troubleshooting.

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