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Australian Utility Upgrading Geospatial Asset, Outage Management Systems

Aurora Energy, an electricity distribution and retail company owned by the Tasmanian government in Australia, is leveraging Intergraph technologies to upgrade its geospatial asset and outage management systems.

The Intergraph Outage Management System (OMS) implemented by Aurora Energy will enhance the organization’s ability to restore power to its customers in times of emergency. The InService system will also provide links for critical workflow processes particularly during storms and other major events such as bushfires. The InService system, with a combination of desktop and web-based tools, will enable Aurora Energy to effectively map outages, reducing response time and increasing customer satisfaction. Intergraph’s web-based applications will allow Aurora Energy depots around the state to manage crews in periods of heightened activity.

“With Intergraph we are able to reduce IT and business-related risks and empower our organization to meet the demands of a competitive market environment, particularly in relation to delivering core outage management services to multiple retailers,” said John Devereaux, general manager, (network), Aurora Energy. “The solutions also provide us with additional analysis capabilities and significantly reduce data entry requirements, helping us lower our costs and boost our reliability performance and customer service. Intergraph’s technologies provide Aurora with a solid platform for future improvements.”

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