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Austin Energy Installs Ecologic MDMS

Ecologic Analytics' MDMS has been installed at Austin Energy, a community-owned utility serving nearly 400,000 customers within Austin, Texas, broader Travis country and a portion of the adjacent Williamson county.

Austin Energy and the city of Austin are among the leaders in the United States for using technology to efficiently generate and distribute energy positively affecting the environment. To fully achieve the operational benefits from an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) requires a single solution to translate the raw meter data into a common format that can be used for complex processing. Ecologic Analytics’ validation, estimation and editing (VEE) engine for interval data, iWAVE, will play a prominent role in providing accurate billing determinants as Austin Energy applies VEE rules to interval data in 15-minute increments to fuel future demand-side programs.

Austin Energy has been a demand-side management leader for many years. Its energy efficiency and alternative fuel programs are two of the reasons the utility has been identified by the Department of Energy as the number one green power utility in the country six years running.

Since its inception, Ecologic Analytics has been the MDMS provider that utilities partner with to deliver on future requirements. As new Smart Grid technologies and applications come to market, the flexible architecture of the Ecologic MDMS enables utilities, like Austin Energy, to extend the core MDMS functionality to fully take advantage of the evolving technologies.

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