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Austin Energy Continues Power Partner Thermostat Program For Second Summer

Customers receive $85 rebate and energy savings when Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat is installed.

High summer temperatures can take a toll on energy use in Texas. In its second year, Austin Energy is taking steps to help conserve energy while summer demands are high. With its Power Partner Thermostat program, Austin Energy is working with smart thermostat maker, ecobee, to help customers lower their energy bill and participate in demand response events.

When customers enroll in the program and install an ecobee Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat, they will receive an $85 rebate as well as additional energy-saving opportunities on their bill.

With heating and cooling accounting for 50 percent of a home’s energy bill, the ecobee smart thermostat will help Austin Energy customers make informed decisions about their home’s energy use. Homeowners can monitor and control their thermostat from anywhere, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The thermostat also understands the weather outside and a home’s energy performance to optimize for energy savings.

Participating customers will also help reduce energy use when it matters most – during high use periods. This helps customers lower their monthly energy bill and helps Austin Energy avoid unplanned outages. Participation is voluntarily and customers choose to opt-in or out when they like.


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