AT&T to Offer Prepaid Smart Meter Applications

AT&T is offering prepaid applications that help manage energy usage and reduce costs. Through an agreement with PayGo, AT&T will be the sole U.S. provider for PayGo's utility payment solutions which includes near real-time processing of meter information for prepaid services. 

PayGo from AT&T empowers consumers to pay their energy bill how they want, when they want and virtually anywhere they want using smartphones, text messages, kiosks, the internet or by phone. PayGo from AT&T offers:

  • Convenient payment options including post-pay solutions, a gift card, as well as energy efficiency programs.
  • Near real-time data capabilities that enable customers to monitor usage and that help utilities with outage, restoration, and other notifications, while reducing operational costs.

In addition to consumer convenience that pre-payment allows, a recent study indicates prepay energy savings of as high as 11% annually.

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