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Aruba Electric Company Implements Tensing Track and Trace

N.V. Elmar, sole electric distributor on the island of Aruba, has chosen the Tensing Mobile GIS Track and Trace Module for management of its service fleet. Elmar currently uses Tensing Mobile GIS for its mobile mapping and field design needs. The Track and Trace Module will give Elmar the ability to track vehicle locations within the Tensing Mobile GIS application.

Currently the Track and Trace module is in the testing stage at Elmar with full rollout expected in late June. The module will allow Elmar to track all its fleet vehicles in the Tensing Mobile GIS application. This eliminates the need for dispatchers to use two separate applications during, for instance, outages when time is short and fast response is necessary.

The Track & Trace module is one five modules available for Tensing Mobile GIS. The four additional modules are Trace, Redline, Microsoft MapPoint, and GPS. Tensing Mobile GIS has robust functionalities out of the box, but the modules give customers even more.

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