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Arizona Utility Selects PCI for Portfolio Optimization and Advanced Analytics

Arizona Public Service has selected Power Costs, Inc. to provide portfolio optimization analytics and workflow automation for its day-ahead and real-time operational needs. APS and PCI will begin implementation immediately.

APS is the largest integrated electric utility in Arizona, with a diversified and growing energy portfolio that includes nearly 7500 MW of generation. Before selecting PCI’s portfolio optimization solution, APS evaluated multiple software providers against required functionality for combined cycle optimization, ancillary service co-optimization, and complex fuel constraints. At the end of the evaluation, APS selected the PCI Generation Supply Management System based on its demonstrated capability to manage all of these applications. Product ease of use and fast processing times were also important selection criteria. APS anticipates that the PCI architecture will facilitate integration with other systems.

PCI Vice President Jason Kram said, “We are excited about adding APS to our long list of customers using PCI GenTrader for portfolio optimization. PCI GenTrader has the industry-proven capability to optimize generation portfolios with characteristics just like to the ones managed by APS. These characteristics include combined cycle optimization, complex fuel pipeline constraints, and co-optimization of ancillary services with energy. We are looking forward to working together with APS to develop a productive and successful long-term partnership.”

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