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ArcFM Awarded NAGCS Certification

The National Association of GIS-Centric Software (NAGCS) has announced its certification of ArcFM, the facilities management application from Miner & Miner, a Telvent company. The designation acknowledges ArcFM as meeting all the prescribed criteria for GIS-centric software.

NAGCS was established by a group of ESRI Authorized Developers with the goal of creating performance-based standards to clearly define GIS-centric software through a certification and testing process. NAGCS is dedicated to promoting the unique advantages of GIS-based enterprise systems and supports interoperability, open standards, and a shared database among related applications.

From the advent of ArcFM in the late 1990s, Miner & Miner has had a mission to provide better business value with software solutions that allow utility businesses to edit, view, map and manage spatial data in a multi-utility context. This latest certification attests to its continued dedication to provide the utility industry with quality applications using open technology in an enterprise environment.

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