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Arcadian Selects CalAmp to Provide Mobile Wireless Data Communications Equipment

CalAmp Corp. has announced that Arcadian Networks will use mobile data equipment from CalAmp with its private licensed wireless communications network. Arcadian Networks is a wireless carrier providing voice and data communications for fixed and mobile applications serving electric, water and gas utilities and oil and gas companies.

With the agreement, Arcadian Networks will market, sell, and distribute CalAmp's open-architecture IP-based mobile data network equipment as part of an end-to-end wireless communications solution. The equipment will be customized for Arcadian Networks' private licensed 700 MHz network spectrum. Arcadian Networks' platform provides mission-critical wireless connectivity and allows dispatchers and other back-office staff to communicate and relay data securely, efficiently and accurately to field personnel throughout the coverage area. Applications include mobile workforce management, asset management, outage management, billing and customer care, among others. This provides Arcadian Networks' customers with improved efficiencies and lower operational costs and transforms electric grids into efficient "smart grids" and oil fields into optimized "smart fields."

Arcadian Networks' secure mission-critical mobile data network platform includes CalAmp's Dataradio Paragon 3 full-duplex base station operating at speeds up to 128Kbps with built-in standard router and dual Ethernet 10/100 base T interfaces. In addition, the mobile data equipment for use in the field includes the Dataradio Gemini G3 800/700MHz mobile modem that provides features such as the patented parallel-decode technology, dual receivers and the use of HyperCode forward error correction for greater sensitivity in multi-path and fading environments. The Gemini G3 is also equipped with a 12-channel GPS receiver.

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