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Arcadian Networks Simplifies WAN/LAN Management For Utility Smart Grid Communications

Utility communications networks have a new tool for managing the intrinsically complex interconnection of applications, devices, and software in the AE11g SMART Grid Gateway Series from Arcadian Networks. The new series of products delivers seamless connectivity between the WAN and LAN networks.

The AE11g radio ensures utilities a smart-grid ready solution through a fully licensed end-to-end, two-way communication network in a rugged outdoor enclosure suitable for mounting on utility infrastructure. The series addresses several other utility challenges, including:

  • The need to send and receive real-time data whether in rural or urban settings.
  • The need for interoperability with multiple proprietary software solutions.
  • The ability to adjust to the diverse capacity requirements of multiple technologies.

The AE11g increases technical and economic efficiencies of the utility's communication architecture, according to Arnon Afgin, vice president of research and development. "The Gateway connects the WAN and LAN layering with an optimal cost-effective solution," said Afgin. "The WAN layer, using our 700 MHz licensed spectrum, connects to high value endpoints (substations) that require more bandwidth. Concurrently, the LAN layer extends to hard-to-reach, high volume deployments where less bandwidth is needed. The Gateway seamlessly manages both layers."

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