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APOGEE Interactive, Hunt Power Form Alliance to Provide Seamless Demand Response, Energy Management

APOGEE Interactive, Inc. and Hunt Power, L.P. have formed a strategic alliance to create a seamless solution in the demand response and energy efficiency markets targeted to utilities and their commercial and industrial customers.

The companies announced their new partnership at the 7th Annual Peak Load Management Alliance spring conference in Washington, D.C., March 13.

The Apogee-Hunt alliance capitalizes on Apogee's intellectual property and expertise as the developer of the largest Web-based demand response trading platform in the United States and New Zealand and on Hunt Power's energy data management and energy efficiency offerings. Through a combination of Web-based systems, this seamless solution automatically collects, analyzes and presents real-time energy and cost information to end-use customers in an intuitive and engaging format. By simplifying and transforming complex data into actionable items, this program captures management's attention and broadens their participation beyond energy management to demand response.

Together, Apogee and Hunt Power will focus on delivering solutions with the highest accountability and will offer two options for participation: a fee-for-services model to implement programs for utilities or their customers, including a substantial pay for performance component; and a straightforward contracting model to provide demand response and energy efficiency under long-term contracts similar to utility purchase power agreements with generators.

"We are very enthused about uniting Hunt Power's substantial technologies, systems integration, and project management skills with Apogee's technologies and intellectual property," said Joel Gilbert, chief executive officer of Apogee.

Hugh Baker, president of Hunt Power, added, "This alliance completes the bundle of products and services that allow us to offer a valuable and unique demand response solution to utilities and their customers. Our joint teams have already demonstrated the value we can create together through our interoperating systems and market experience."

The Apogee-Hunt alliance is already preparing for the next market innovation, The Demand Response Resource Bank--a market entity that will finance demand response capacity and transparently provide market signals regarding that capacity without regulatory intervention. The "bank" is a natural business evolution to bring market opportunities directly to energy traders and customers.

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