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ANSI/IEC-Compatible Probe Available from Landis+Gyr

In support of the company’s broad range of single-phase, three-phase and bi-directional, precision meter products, Landis+Gyr has introduced into the U.S. market its 2-in-1 AIP200 ANSI & IEC Optical Probe. This dual-purpose probe combines the ability to read both ANSI C12.18 and IEC 1107 optical ports in one device, thereby allowing meter technicians to reduce the number of probes they carry and use.

According to Rodger Replogle, Landis+Gyr residential metering/probe marketing specialist, “With a flip of the wrist to re-orient the probe head, a meter technician can read various meter types, platforms and vendor-supplied models that support either the ANSI C12.18 or the IEC 1107 standard. Meter technicians don’t have to carry a number of probes around and utilities aren’t tied to a specific meter or probe design. In addition to being more convenient, it can also be less costly.”

Features of the AIP200 Optical Probe include:

  • Combines two probes in one
  • Compatible with ANSI C12.18 and IEC 1107 optical ports
  • Reads every Landis+Gyr meter platform currently available
  • Uses a USB interface for better compatibility with newer computers
  • Is powered via the USB connection, so no batteries are required
  • Designed to meet the needs of evolving meter communications with a data rate of 38,400 bits per second
  • Simple, wizard-based installation and configuration instructions
  • Strong magnets in the headshell improve handling during meter reading and programming operations
  • Value priced
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