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AMR Industry Continues Steady Growth Amid Bullish Predictions

Some experts predict advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployments are going to vastly increase over the next couple of years. However, current data shows AMI deployments and AMR vendors saw moderate gains in 2005 in sync with natural progression, according to one of Chartwell's latest Metering Research Series reports, AMR Vendors and Technologies 2006.

Depending on what various state utility regulators decide to do in the coming 18 months--in lieu of the Energy Policy Act of 2005--their decisions could have a big impact on the automated meter reading industry. However, the end of 2005 saw several large AMI deployments and others in the works, including the first ever large broadband over powerline (BPL) deployment that cited meter reading as a use, without any help from regulators.

2005 was also a good year for two-way powerline communications systems (PLC) vendors such as Distribution Control Systems Inc., according to Chartwell's latest research. The market also saw fixed radio vendor Cellnet make big gains in 2005 after a number of lackluster years.

AMR Vendors and Technologies 2006 contains industry analysis and vendor profiles highlighting some of the industry's market leaders, as well as companies Chartwell believes will have an impact on the market. A free table of contents and summary of this report can be downloaded at www.energylibrary.com.

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