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American Electric Power to Enhance Online Customer Service

American Electric Power, which serves more than 5 million customers in 11 states, has selected Apogee's HomeEnergySuite and CommercialEnergySuite to provide enhanced online customer self-service.

Apogee's EnergySuites, available online through the AEP utilities' websites, include extensive, interactive energy-resource libraries to provide relevant energy-use insights. The centerpiece tools of the suites are the HomeEnergyCalculator and CommercialEnergyCalculator. Both feature an engaging user interface and a powerful energy-use analysis engine, the AuditMation Energy Analysis System (AMES).

Customers are quickly able to get remarkably accurate results with few inputs because AMES does all the heavy lifting based on the few data points from the customer. As a result, 70% of customers who access the calculator complete an analysis. In fact, the average customer evaluates three energy-saving scenarios along with their associated dollar savings. By offering these tools, the utility empowers their customers to take more control over their energy use and costs.

Joel Gilbert, CEO of Apogee, added, "AEP can also realize operational cost savings with the EnergySuites. We've developed a business case analysis tool that helps our clients like AEP to estimate the savings potential from reduced call center calls, shorter call times, fewer meter re-reads, and fewer onsite energy audits."

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