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Ameren Illinois Utilities Offering Energy Toolkit

Ameren Illinois Utilities residential customers now have a powerful new Web tool, the Energy Toolkit, which is designed to help them spend less by using energy more efficiently.

"With the click of a mouse, customers now can see where their energy dollars go, how their energy use compares with others and the steps they can take to reduce their bills by reducing the amount of energy they use," said Harvey Neverman, Act On Energy Customer Service business consultant.

The Energy Toolkit is located on the Ameren Illinois Utilities Act On Energy Web site (www.ActOnEnergy.com). When signing on for the first time, customers will need a copy of their bill to obtain a "User ID" and "Password."

Upon entering the toolkit, users will be able to view personalized billing information for the current period and even for the past 24 months.

Customers then can use the toolkit to:

  • See how energy usage stacks up against that of others and whether energy usage is above or below the average of all customers.
  • Learn where energy dollars go (heating, cooling, cooking, water heating, etc.).
  • Receive advice on how to reduce energy spending without sacrificing comfort.

"One of the most valuable toolkit features allows customers to determine just how much they can actually save by replacing existing appliances with high-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. People often are pleasantly surprised when they learn that by purchasing new high-efficiency appliances they can reap significant savings over the life of that appliance," Neverman said.

"We have designed the Energy Toolkit as the easy to use way for customers to take control of their energy bills. By investing a small amount of time, customers will discover practical and often inexpensive and even no-cost ways to spend less on energy by using less energy."

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