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Ambient Shows Newest Product at GridWeek

Ambient Corp. demonstrated the newest version of its network management system, Ambient NMS, alongside its X2000 communications node, in the Ambient exhibit space at GridWeek, Sept. 22-25, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

The newest version of AmbientNMS manages the flexible hybrid communications platform created by Ambient Smart Grid, which provides a single platform for multiple applications such as AMI, SCADA and sensor networks., meeting the needs of utilities modernizing their electrical distribution infrastructures.

The latest version of AmbientNMS incorporates Ambient’s energy sensing capabilities with the X2000 node’s geographical information system (GIS) data to allow for real-time precision grid monitoring, and allows utilities a street level view of their communications infrastructure and grid performance. Each node is designed for remote software and firmware upgrades, and can display operational information that, through AmbientNMS, can pinpoint outages, alert the utility of grid transients and better allocate limited operational and maintenance resources all while passing on end user applications data from utility applications such as AMI.

Ambient Smart Grid, supported by the Ambient X2000 node, enables a two-way, real-time communications platform to serve the “last mile” backhaul, necessary for smart grid applications.

Ambient’s X2000 is a tightly integrated communications device that allows utilities to build private and secure communications networks, based on open standards, that can both integrate legacy utility systems and support the future requirements of the evolving smart grid. Ambient’s X2000 can also record and forward current and voltage readings to the utility, helping with circuit monitoring, load balancing and outage notification through AmbientNMS.

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