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Ambient Corp.'s 100,000th Smart Grid Node Deployed

Ambient Corp. has announced the deployment of the 100,000th Ambient Smart Grid Node, the flagship hardware element of the Ambient Smart Grid Communications Platform.

Ambient's nodes connect more than 800,000 end devices in the Duke Energy network, and can support a variety of smart grid applications in parallel, including, but not limited to, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Distribution Automation, and Outage Management. Starting at the communications network layer in any smart grid implementation ensures that the costs of implementation, operations, and communications are optimized. The Ambient node represents a cost-effective solution to reduce both capital and operational expenses for utilities.

As there is no one communications technology that is right for all applications and environments across utilities, the Ambient node's ability to support multiple communications protocols, working simultaneously with purpose-built applications and consulting services, provides a new level of visibility and control.

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