Ambient Smart Grid Node

Ambient Corp. Expands Vodafone Network Test Certification

Facilitates deployment on international partner carrier networks

Ambient Corp. has expanded Vodafone network test certification across the entire range of Ambient Smart Grid Nodes. This certification allows international customers to deploy the Ambient Node, Ambient MiniNode, and Ambient MicroNode for utility communications and provide connectivity for multiple assets and applications over Vodafone's significant global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) roaming footprint.  

The Ambient Smart Grid Node family comprises of purpose-built network devices with advanced processing capability, memory, and the form factor and functionality to match the price performance required for different applications on the distribution grid.  Each node is a modular device that can be configured for different roles within the network to deliver upstream and/or downstream high-speed data communications using a variety of wired and wireless technologies, including serial, Ethernet, PLC, Wi-Fi, RF, and cellular.  


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