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Ambercore Launches Amber IQ 2.5 - Mapping Tools for GIS Power Users

AmberCore(TM) Software has released Amber iQ(R) 2.5 Geographic Information System (GIS). Amber iQ 2.5 was designed with GIS power-users in mind and features the ability to efficiently handle large point data sets. With the implementation of double indexing, users will now be able to process point files up to 50 million points.

"This is a key advantage for our customers that require efficient management and processing of large point files like raw LiDAR data," said Martin Sendyk, president and CEO of AmberCore. "This level of power is just the beginning, as Amber iQ will soon handle an unlimited number of points."

Other Amber iQ 2.5 improvements include the ability to:

  • Register raster images of any file size. Users will no longer have to rely on more expensive pre-registered imagery.
  • Launch queries directly from the table window. This creates a convenient work flow for users who spend considerable time extracting pertinent information from their geographic data.
  • Support of USGS, DEM and SDTS data. Users can now leverage large amounts of free data available in these formats.

Amber iQ 2.5 also includes enhancements such as redesigned information and grid colorizer tools, measuring tool, labeling in 3D, layer transparency in 2D and in 3D and many other useful features.

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