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Alaska Utilities Award OSI Joint Contract for Two Energy Management Systems

Open Systems International, Inc. has been awarded a major joint-contract by Chugach Electric Association, Inc. and Anchorage Municipal Light & Power of Anchorage, Alaska, to be the supplier of each utility’s next-generation energy management system (EMS) technology.

Chugach, Alaska’s largest utility, generates, transmits and distributes electric power to approximately 80,300 metered retail locations in a service territory that extends throughout Anchorage and its surrounding regions. Chugach operates approximately 2,206 miles of energized transmission and distribution lines, and has approximately 530 MW of installed capacity.

ML&P also generates, transmits and distributes electric power, servicing over 30,000 residential and commercial customers within the municipality of Anchorage. The company’s transmission and distribution lines cover approximately 400 miles, with a total generating capacity of approximately 400 MW.

Each utility’s primary objective for this project has been the implementation of a more modern and open EMS that provides for regular software updates and remains current with evolving cyber security standards, while providing cost efficiencies in managing their transmission, generation and distribution operations. These new OSI systems replace current Spectrum EMS systems supplied by Siemens.

The proposed systems are based on OSI’s Monarch distributed open architecture with an advanced graphical user interface based on Microsoft’s .NET technology, and include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Automatic Generation Control and Dispatch (AGC), Switch Order Management, Inadvertent Accounting, Transaction Management Scheduling, Equipment Outage Scheduling, Real-time and Study Network Analysis, Historical Information/Recording System, Web-based Graphical User Interface, Calculation and Trending subsystem and DNP, Modbus and ICCP communications.

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