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Alabama Electric Cooperative to Deploy PLC AMI

Cooper Power Systems has been selected by Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc. of Greenville, Alabama, to deploy its power line carrier advanced metering infrastructure network and smart grid solutions in south central Alabama.

The AMI project—already underway—includes implementing the flexible communications infrastructure for more than 13,000 intelligent Cooper metering endpoints. The cooperative will use the network to collect metering information as well as control the distribution network as part of a mission to deliver reliable service to their membership. In essence, the AMI network will connect the cooperative to member-owners which are located primarily in rural areas of the nine Alabama counties that make up the service territory.

More than 250 electric utilities throughout North America are realizing the benefits of managing multiple automation solutions using the Yukon advanced energy services software platform. Since its launch, Yukon has continually evolved and currently provides advanced energy support for advanced metering infrastructure, demand response, capacitor bank control, volt/VAR optimization, smart sensors, feeder reconfiguration and substation distribution and automation. These advanced energy services solutions provide the necessary tools for utilities to systematically enhance their level of service, operational efficiency and reliability. As a result, utilities also dramatically increase customer satisfaction.

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