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AirClic Device Replaces Ruggedized Mobile Computers

AirClic has announced an all-in-one ruggedized data capture device for mobile field workers to capture critical activities in the field easily and affordably. Designed for the new Motorola Renegade V950 ruggedized cell phone, the AirClic Fusion device includes bar code scanning, electronic signature capture, photo capture, voice notes and advanced GPS capabilities. With these added capabilities, the device can expand upon basic "proof of delivery" to provide proof of service levels and accountability through signature and photo capture.

AirClic Fusion is priced at $499/device - about 1/10th of comparable ruggedized computers and the required implementation, training and support; and includes a one-year warranty. AirClic offers its applications on-demand in a hosted environment, enabling the most rapid custom implementations in the industry with minimal training required. This is critical for organizations that want to gain real-time visibility into their field productivity, but have tightened budgets in today's economic downturn and cannot afford current market offerings.

AirClic Fusion is designed for the same rugged environments as the Motorola V950, which can withstand dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, rain and humidity. AirClic Fusion together with the Motorola V950 satisfies the needs of the mobile workforce on-demand and includes the following key components:

  • Bar Code Scanning: Includes the same powerful bar code scanning capabilities as the AirClic-designed Motorola AC25
  • Electronic Signature Capture: Integrated signature pad to capture signatures electronically for indisputable proof of delivery and service
  • Pictures: Includes a 2.0 MP camera for instant photographic evidence of damage to assets and other exceptions in the field
  • GPS Readings: Get accurate location readings indoors and outdoors, providing continuous tracking, no matter where workers are located
  • Voice Notes: Record free-form voice comments instead of using predefined comment codes or typing long notes on a small keypad
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