AEP Ohio Chooses Partner for AMR Deployment

AEP Ohio Chooses Partner for AMR Deployment

AEP Ohio has named Apex CoVantage as its installation partner for the upcoming, system-wide AMR deployment.  In this role, Apex will provide upgrades to electric meters throughout the utility's service territory. 

Leveraging ProField, Apex's proprietary ERP system for Mobile Workforce Optimization, AEP Ohio will gain full control and visibility over operations.

"ProField comes with a customized dashboard that will allow AEP Ohio executives to access project data and reports in real-time.  Meanwhile, push communications work to keep project management informed of any field-related issues that might require immediate attention," says Sangeet Dutta, VP Operations. 

AMR meters are being introduced to the AEP Ohio service territory in an effort to increase reading percentages and enhance data security. Customers will reap the benefits too, as AMR technology facilitates billing on actual consumption, rather than estimates based on past or predicted usage.

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